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Research and Campaigns

Welcome to the Research & Campaigns page! This is where we update you on both national and local campaigns.

Local campaigns are what Wyre Forest Citizens Advice are carrying out. They change each month, though some can be on-going depending on the subject. Whilst an issue may be specific to a local area, it still helps national Citizens Advice gauge an idea of what issues are affecting small towns, and contribute to the bigger picture and therefore influences change.



Local Campaigns



It’s Scams’ Month!


July is all about the scams – from cold callers on the phone and at the door to malicious phishing emails. We’re asking people to come forward with any scams they have avoided or been a victim of so we can publicise them and help others avoid them.

Last year we had many come forward with their experience so we’re hoping the same for this year. Email with your story today


Mental Health and Practical Problems

When someone is experiencing a mental health difficult such as depression, getting aspects done such as paying bills and applying for benefits can be challenging. Citizens Advice nationally is looking at how organisations can help this. Stay tuned for feedback.



Settled and Safe – did you know 750,000 private tenants spend £1000 more on heating their homes due to poor heating and insulation? This campaign aims to improve the private rented sector.

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Talk About Abuse – Did you know a quarter of women and a tenth of men have experienced some form of abuse in their lives? This campaign seeks to stop the silence on domestic abuse and encourage people to seek help and look for signs of abuse.

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Secure self-employment – Have you ever been told you were self-employed but weren’t sure? Are you self-employed and find policies can be confusing? This campaign wants to give the self-employed security and to reduce bogus self-employment.

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If you have interest in or have been affected by any of the above campaigns, please get in touch:

If it is regarding the national campaigns, it may be best to use the provided links.